Frequently Asked Questions


Waste Water Systems

What are Vermifilters?

Vermifilters are filters which utilises the worms ability to consume organic material.

What type of worms are used?

There are two types used in the Wizard Systems.  In the domestic and commercial Wizard system we use tiger worms, whereas in the Septic Wizard we also use California Blacks.

Why use these species of worms?

They are known by their ability digest large amounts of organic waste.  The blackworm is used as it is an aquatic worm and thrives in the Septic Wizard.

What about the introduction of foreign species?

Don’t worry these worms have been selected not just for their ability to consume organic wastes but they are found in all of the Continents around the world.  Typically you will find the tiger worm at the edges of compost heaps and the blackworm in shallow waters of lakes and ponds.

What are the ecological benefits?

The units all use a mix of coconut coir and sawdust as the media to support the worms habitat.  These are considered waste products and as such we transform a waste into a valuable resource and the worms benefit as the eco system that develops in the media allow for ideal living conditions for the worms.  So by combining coir , sawdust along with the worms and no power required to maintain the Wizard systems make for one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable wastewater treatment systems there is.

Can I still use regular cleaning products around the home?

Yes, by the time these products (used as directed) reach the filter they will be diluted and the effects negligible.

Is performance affected by temperature?

Yes to an extent but not that you’ll notice.  However if you live half way up a mountain where the winters are extreme you will need the Insulated Domestic Wizard (ask for details).  In a typical British winter the temperature within the unit is sufficient to prevent freezing and maintain performance.

How can these units produce no sludge when conventional systems require regular and costly emptying?

Conventional systems use bacteria in the liquid environment, which means they generate foul smell sludge which requires constant removal to maintain performance.  Worms on the other hand after digesting the solids produce a worm cast.  This material is a XXXX and remains in the filter and doesn’t effect the filters performance.

Why doesn’t the unit require air like conventional systems?

The worms constant burrowing action means the filter is constantly aerated.  Since the worms breath through their skin, their constant burrowing action ensures the filter is fully aerated with no foul odours being produced.

My house plot is on a slope – is this a problem?

No, sewage from the house will gravitate from the house directly into the Domestic Wizard with no requirement for pumping.

Why has this technology not been seen before?

We like to think we think out of the box when it comes to wastewater treatment.  Conventional treatment systems use bacteria to treat the effluent within liquid medium, the draw back being they produce a never ending amount of sludge which has to be constantly removed and is expensive to treat.

The Domestic and Commercial wizards treat the wastewater in the solid phase (the vermifilter). We were inspired by the elephant dung beetle which devours elephant pats in no time at all.  Adapting the KISS principle and using worms (which have been refining their ability to digest organic material for over 400 million years), this means that you reap all the benefits from using the Wizard systems.

What performance can we expect from the Septic Wizard?

Septic tanks provide the most basic forms of treatment and act to remove solids from the sewage.  Septic tanks use anaerobic treatment which has limited effect on reducing the other main forms of measuring pollution BOD and COD.  The SP transforms the tank into an aerobic environment which allows for better treatment of the sewage. During testing of the Septic Wizard the tank’s performance improved to such an extent the final effluent is similar to conventional forms of wastewater treatment plants.

Will the worms drown?

No, the worms used are aquatic and thrive in the tank.

I have a holiday home so it is empty for long periods, what effect does this have on the performance?

The Domestic Wizard is ideal for this scenario. Wormscan go for long periods without food and they will naturally reduce in numbers should food become scarce.  When the food source increases the worms natural cycle kicks in and the increase in numbers to match the food availability.

Performance of the filter will be maintained throughout these periods.

What performance can we expect from the Domestic Wizard?

These units easily meet the same high standards expected of conventional systems (BOD 20mg/l & Solids 30mg/l).  However due to our ongoing R&D we are very confident that this will be improved, just look at the results the Septic Wizard achieved.

The other added benefit of the Domestic Wizard is its ability to consume solid organic household waste e.g. kitchen scraps, shredded paper even hover dust.  No other conventional wastewater treatment plant available can cope with both solids and liquid waste and this reduces the amount of material being dumped in the bin.

What performance can we expect from the Commercial Wizard

These units can provide varying standards of effluent quality depending on your rquirements.

Discharges to water course will easily meet the traditional BOD 20mg/l & solids 30mg/l, however, we understand that this level of treatment may not be required due to discharging to the public sewer.

Whatever standard you require the Comercial Wizard will be sized to accommodate your needs.

What size are the Commercial Wizards?

This varies from application to application, however due to their high processing capabilities the foot prints are in general smaller than conventional technologies.  This is because they do not need a series of tanks and associated processing units, the Commercial Wizard is a single processing unit.

You also benefit from the fact that there is no waste sludge generated from these units so there is no need for additional sludge storage tanks which are a feature of conventional treatment systems.

What types of waste can the Commercial Wizards treat?

In general anything that is organic in nature.

Can the Septic Wizard deal with the stink?

Yes, the Septic Wizard converts the anaerobic environment within the tank to an aerobic environment which means after a short period (~48hrs) all foul odours will have gone.