Commercial Wizard

We provide a bespoke D&B solution tailored to each application.  Prior to any installation we will first determine the effluent flow and load characteristics (inc. BOD, COD, SS, NH3 etc).  We then set up a pilot plant at the premises to determine the most suitable design to meet the required standard.

This approach ensures that the design will be correctly sized and the resulting installed Commercial Wizard meets the required discharge standard (not a theoretical design based approach which is a typical industry wide practice).  In addition it allows the buyer first hand experience of using the Commercial Wizard prior to any installation.  Experiences gained whilst using the small pilot plant are exactly the same as in the full sized application.

The Commercial Wizard is a single unit which has the following benefits:-

Low Capex and OPEX

Small footprint compared to conventional technology

No sludge produced (removing any need for costly on going waste removal charges)

Simple to maintain (typically Commercial Wizards require simple periodic forking of the filter surface)

Limited operational input (allowing you to concentrate on running your business)

Limited running costs (only power required is the pump set which is required to regulate flow)

Can digest office paper (excellent for shredded confidential papers)

Contributes to a lower carbon footprint