Research & Development

R&D is at the heart of all our Wizard systems.  We believe only through innovation at all stages of product development will deliver innovative ground breaking products.

At Wastewater Wizard we have 3 core aims for all of our products:-

1                    Follow KISS Principles (Keep It Simple Stupid)

2                    Must be economical both in capital and operation terms

3                    Must be reliable and robust

By adopting this approach to R&D will be ensure that our customers receive innovative Wizard systems which deliver clear benefits to both the customer and the environment.

During product development there are times when a new idea will have to be proven in the field – when theory meets reality!  As our R&D programme is constantly evolving there are times when we require sites to test our products.  To meet this need we will seek partners to help develop our products.  This could be in the domestic or commercial application.  Contact us should you wish your house or business to be considered for our R&D program.  If your site is considered suitable (normally those which have significant problems as we like to really test our units) we will provide and install all necessary equipment free of charge. In return as well as receiving  the unit free of charge we will provide all necessary technical support and once we have completed the test period the unit will be yours to keep.

Case Study

The Septic Wizard was first tested in the field when a pilot plant was installed in a problematic septic tank.  The owners had spent considerable time and money emptying the tank and received countless advice on what best to do all to no avail.  The problems were twofold;

–                      foul odours

–                      clogged soak-away (the tank “drained” out of the top cover

Once installed the plant’s performance was monitored and process improvements were made.  The outcome of which is the Septic Wizard which delivers a low cost effect way to combat foul odours and improve septic tanks performance.  It is simple to install and provides the economical benefits to the owner by way of substantially reducing the need for costly sludge emptying and improves longevity of the soakaway.

As for the test site within 48hrs of the Septic Wizard being installed the foul odours were gone and the soak-away is now functioning correctly.  As for the performance of the tank we think the results speak for themselves…….











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