About Us

Wastewater Wizard designs and manufactures innovative wastewater treatment systems using worm based technology (vermifiltration).  All Wizard systems have proven reliability to deliver a cost effective and sustainable treatment solution to liquid organic wastes.

Wizard systems came about after many years’ research and development utilising the worms’ capability to treat organic wastes.  The breakthrough came when the initial idea was developed from using worms to treat wastewater sludge.  Simply put vermifiltration is a worm based filter system which removes the contaminants in sewage.

Wizard systems are suitable for most liquid organic waste streams, these include sewage from households as well as waste streams from commercial properties (dairies, distilleries, breweries, farms, food processing, hotels, resorts etc), in fact any business that produces an organic waste stream.

Depending on the application Wizard systems can treat effluent to meet SEPA/EA discharge consents or if the discharge is to the sewer the Trade Effluent Consent.